Locatelli Meccanica

Hydraulic Press

very useful as far as pressing, coining, drawing, blanking, fit bushes. It can be utilized either with normal or automatic feeding of the piece to be worked.
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Locatelli Meccanica

Hydraulic Press

Operating flexibility and low cost-per-part.
The new Locatelli press maximizes versatility. Based on an all-welded, box-section, versions with either 150 to 6500 kN ram force are available. The modular concept allows the basic version to be converted to a latest technology, full-CNC press. Advanced technology, optimized performance/price ratio, modern design - the result of many years of solid experience in press manufacture, and close collaboration with demanding, standard-setting users.

  • High flexibility
  • Freedom to use large, complex tools: the roomy toolspace and wide setting ranges for the ram stroke and feed steps remove all tooling constraints.
  • Stamping, bending, deep-drawing - all operations on the same machine.
  • Speed variator: to push output right to the limit.
  • Feed-units to maximize productivity: unwinders, straighteners, loaders, etc.
  • Range of equipment: you specify exactly the Locatelli press for your requirements: electronic cam unit, servo-operated ram stroke and feed step adjustment, hydraulic ram clutch and tool clamping, counterforce system, tool safety and part ejection monitoring. Extreme productivity
  • Longer life for both the tools and the entire machine, due to the cooler running resulting from the low-friction roller pads guiding the ram accurately along its full length.
  • Minimized maintenance time, due to the built~in, load-dependent lubrication system.
  • Pushbutton help for quick turnaround
  • Fast feed-step adjustment to suit the new tool.
  • Pushbutton-controlled, forward/backward tool positioning.
  • CNC for fully automatic toolsetting. More comfort, less stress, bring better efficiency
  • Table height and leg room optimized for standing and sitting.
  • The plain-text screen display gives helpful information at all times.
  • Roller ram-guides and shaft bearings reduce machine noise.
  • Modern design and pleasant colors help create a friendly working environment. Safety first
  • The modular design allows use of all feed systems from manual to fully automatic, complying with all CE current standards and regulations.
  • Two-hand control, or integrated safety screen or light barrier, ensure efficient working conditions with reduced risk of accident.
  • Tools are protected against damage by the steplessly adjustable hydraulic overload system.
Locatelli T.125 4C
Locatelli Meccanica T. 125 4C
Locatelli Meccanica T. 200 4C
Locatelli Meccanica T. 300 4C
Locatelli Meccanica T. 400 4C

Locatelli T.15 2C
Locatelli Meccanica T. 15 2C
Locatelli Meccanica T. 35 2C

Locatelli T. 75 4C
Locatelli Meccanica T. 75 4C
Locatelli Meccanica T. 300 Cadore
Locatelli Meccanica T. 400 Conero

Locatelli NKT. 150
Locatelli Meccanica NKT. 150
Locatelli T. 300 ML
Locatelli Meccanica T. 300 ML
Locatelli Meccanica T. 500 ML
Locatelli Meccanica T. 650 ML

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