Schaublin 102 N-VM-CF

Toolmakers, tool room lathes

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Schaublin 102 N-VM-CF

Toolmakers, tool room lathe

Schaublin 102 N-VM-CF Toolmakers, tool room lathe A proven machine which is highly renowned for its advantages and manifold possibilities of use. This machine consists of more than 800 mechanical parts and is equipped with a lead screw. It is ideal for machining threads and other special workpiece features. Equipped with W25 collet.

Schaublin 102 N-VM-CF - Technical specifications
Maximum swing over bed 200 mm
Maximum swing over carriage120 mm
Height of centres over bed102 mm
Height of centres over carriage20 mm
Maximum distance between centres450 mm
Length of the bed1’000 mm
Height of the bed168 mm
Principal spindle ; by AC motor drive
Power continuous4,2 kW
Headstock W20
Spindle for “ScHauBLin” colletsW20
Spindle speed100 - 3’000 min-1
Spindle throughbore (without drawbar)20 mm
Maximum throughbore with collet W2014,5 mm
Headstock W25
Spindle for “ScHauBLin” colletsW25
Spindle speed100 - 3’000 min-1
Spindle throughbore (without drawbar)25 mm
Maximum throughbore with collet W2519 mm
Lever-operated quick-closing attachment (option)
Maximum spindle speed3000 min-1
Manual moving of carrage on bed-
Maximum transverse stroke, X-axis100 mm
Resolution, X-axis (on radius)0.01
Trapezoidal screw, Ø x pitch9 x 2 mm
Maximum longitudinal stroke, Z-axis90 mm
Resolution, Z-axis0.01
Trapezoidal screw, Ø x pitch9 x 2 mm
Lead screw
Maximum carriage stroke on bed400 mm
Trapezoidal Lead screw, Ø x pitch40 x 4 mm
Working feeds, Z-axis0,02 - 0,3 mm
Tooling system: Linear
Maximum tool size (MuLTiFiX system)10 x 10 mm
Maximum tool size (TRiPansystem)10 x 10 mm
Bar holder Ø (MuLTiFiX system)20 mm
Bar holder Ø (TRiPansystem)12 mm
Screw-operated tailstock
Spindle taperMORSE 2
External diameter of the spindle30 mm
Spindle stroke80 mm
Lever-operated tailstock (option)
Spindle taperW20 / W25
External diameter of the spindle40 mm
Spindle stroke100 mm
Coolant supply (option)
Tank capacity23 l.
Power of the pump0.12 k W
Overall dimensions and weight
approximate net weight of the machine660 kg
Loadfloor1’785 kg/m2
Overall dimensions (LxDxH) in mm1’500 x 510 x 1’550


Bench / Headstock

Schaublin 102 N-CF Bench / Headstock fixing bolt, T-support, sawing table, perforated-disc dividing attachment, drawbar, arbor for drill, 6-jaw chuck, combined adjustable extractor, faceplate, raised clamp, 3-jaw chuck, hardened driving dogs...


Schaublin 102 N-CF Carriage carriage, lever-operated carriage, screw mounted on ball bearing, control lever for bottom slide, turret for MULTIFIX-Aa quick-change, tool holder, cutting-off blade, TRIPAN, milling attachment, Inclinable headstock, quill, dividing head, microscope, grinding attachment, cutting-off carriage...

Grinding and milling attachment

Schaublin 102 N-CF Grinding and milling attachment Integrated motor version for grinding and milling attachment VALID FOR ALL 102 LATHES.


Schaublin 102 N-CF Tailstock tailstock, Lever-operated drilling tailstock, male and female centre, revolving centre, drilling V, Arbour for drill, drill chuck with automatic gripping, drilling plate...

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