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Machining centers

AlmacAlmac VA 1008 Machining Center

The VA 1008 machining 3 to 5 extremely precise axes dedicated to producing complex micro technical components, with strict technological requirements...
The design of the VA 1008 ensures great flexibility allowing it to cover a large range of machining fields : watchmaking, jewellery, the medical industry and electronics, etc.

AlmacAlmac CU 2007 / CU 3007 Machining Center

The CU 2007 and CU 3007 combine dynamic performance and outstanding reliability.

AlmacAlmac CU 1007 Machining Center

Watchmakers often require a machine known as a reprise (secondary operation machine) to produce or rework a few series of workpieces in order to carry out minor machining operations. The entry-level 3-axis machine offers very good value for money. It can also be equipped with numerous options perfectly adapted to machining small series of workpieces.

AlmacAlmac BA 1008 Bar milling

The BA 1008 is fed with bars via the machine, using a divider system which allows workpieces up to a diameter of 16 mm to be loaded. Positioned machining operations and interpolation between the tool systems and the workpiece are easily possible. With 4 frontal spindles, 3 lateral spindles and 2 secondary operation spindles, the BA 1008 is well equipped to service Almac's trademark industry: watchmaking.

AlmacAlmac GR 600 Twin NC engraving machine

This engraving machines innovates on all fronts: design, user comfort and, above all, a totally new engineering concept. Instead of the usual NC system, the GR 600 features a central control terminal equipped with an industrial PC, for powerful intelligent control. This computer technology simultaneously controls two independent machining units, each consisting of two high-speed spindles.

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